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左: 鼻整形後, 鼻孔過度外露, 鼻型不夠柔和

右: 再度修改後. 包括:敲鼻骨+鼻中膈尾端前移合併自體肋軟骨穩定鼻基部+鼻翼整形減少鼻孔外露

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左: 鼻整形後, 鼻孔過度外露, 鼻型不夠柔和
右: 再度修改後. 包括:Gore-Tex墊眉心+Gore-Tex墊鼻樑+鼻翼整形減少鼻孔外露

Prevention and Management of Rhinoplasty Complications in Asians

Yean-Lu Chang MD.

Toyoung Plastic Surgery Clinic

Taipei, Taiwan


Rhinoplasty Complications in Asians are not uncommon. In general, there are five types of complications arising from Asian rhinoplasty including hemorrhagic, infectious, traumatic, functional, and aesthetic type. A better understanding of the prevention and postoperative management of these complications are crucially important, so that we can minimize their deleterious effects and preserve aesthetic outcomes in rhinoplasty.

Meticulous attention to detail in the operating room and in the postoperative period is paramount to achieving success in rhinoplasty. Nevertheless, both complications and suboptimal results do occur, even for experienced surgeons. In this report the author will share his personal experiences in prevention and management of rhinoplasty complications in Asians.  

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